Holà Salou!

smart times is the world’s biggest convention for smart fans. Startet almost two decades ago as a local Austrian initiative, it has already become an international festival for fans from 45 nations who celebrate their automobile brand every summer.

For more than 10 years now, we’ve been organizing smart times for our client Daimler AG from Stuttgart. Nowhere on earth the common passion and the joy of thousands of fans becomes that visible! Since 2011 smart times is on its tourney through Europe, visiting great spots in different countries. smart times has already written history in Riccione, Antwerp, Luzern, Lisbon’s coast, Budapest and Hamburg. This year, we’ll bring the unique brand experience to Salou, Spain. And following the trend of the last few years, there will be even more community members than ever before joining us.

From 16th to 17th June, the glamourous world of smart is located at the beach and the promenades of Salou’s coastal roads. smart vehicles from all over Europe will demonstrate the passion and the joy thousands of people feel for their brand. For two days, everything is about the cars. Joint test drives along the coastal roads and a unique program guarantee the time of your life mixed with everything about the brand: trends, parties, culture and culinary temptations are part of the tailored program you shouldn’t miss!