Hamburg – cool and rough? As if! The North German late summer proved to totally sympathise with the sun-caressed smart-fans! But not only the constantly warm temperatures widely above 30 degrees led to quite high standards for the smart times 2016. Visitors coming from 40 different countries and having travelled further than many cruiser ships in the Port of Hamburg also contributed to the overwhelming atmosphere. More than 1.600 smart vehicles took the journey to Hamburg and attracted attention with their spectacular parade through the city.

For 2 hours, more than 7 kilometres of inner city were transformed into a smart Catwalk. The colourful Corso posed along the port, cruised confidently across the Elb Phlharmonic Concert Hall, continued its route through the warehouse district and has suddenly overshadowed giants such as 400m long cargo ships or Queen Mary II. Who has ever thought that compact and urban sizes can become a veritable competitor for 2 days?
The whole event location of the Great Market Hall in Hamburg revolved entirely around smart. Live on stage, smart clubs were presented, contest-winners were elected, the smart times dance was performed and DJs turned up. Besides beach-challenges, smart parcours and a vibrant kids-area, no desires remained unfilled. Smart tracks Container rocked the area, clubs and exhibitors presented themselves in stunning variety. Not to be forgotten are our food trucks, that have been vying each other with their tempting and irresistible  delicacies. Unfortunately, it was impossible to taste and enjoy everything. What a pity it all has to end so fast! But a look ahead gives reason for delight: On behalf of Daimler AG, we will bring smart times 2017 directly under the summer sun of Spain, where we were joyfully invited to at the traditional „smart times 2017 goes to…“ party. Sun, celebrations, beach and haut cuisine alongside 2,5 kilometres of beach have been promised with spanish temperament and almost portuguese passion – there‘s nothing more we need!

Whoever wants to reserve his place under the sun and in the parade right away can already book his participation here:
We are looking forward to a reunion in Spain, hopefully accompanied by the temperatures we had in Hamburg! Hola Salou!