We are happy to start the new year together with new clients and one of them is Jungheimrich. Jungheinrich is an international leading supplier in the field of intern logistics and one of the top brands in this business. The company is seated in Germany. In Austria, the company is proud to look back on 60 years full of innovation and success and therefore wanted to celebrate its 60th anniversary. We took the national team for two days to Loipersdorf Spa where they could experience a unique event especially tailored for the company. Together they could experience the joy of the community and the common feeling of being proud of their work. The program set the frame for looking back on the last 60 years and celebrating the decades’ success. Hosted by a charming anchorman and visited by prominent Austrian society members, the employees could enjoy the culinary offer.

We congratulate too and are looking forward on many new cooperations.